Middle of The Week

Most of the day has been consumed with resolving *playing nicely* issues generated on the home ed Minecraft multiplayer server we belong too. *sigh* 
In this household we operate on a very simple policy which is *if something becomes too unpleasant then we no longer participate*. Thus, we will be having a much needed break from the server to let the dust settle and learn a few lessons on how to *let things go* and deal with *how to deal with things that upset us and feel very strongly about in a positive way*. *sigh* and *breath*
Wednesday Adventure Playground went ahead as normally scheduled and again a happy fun actively social groove. We continue to really love this group.
I suspect the evening will be shaped by Sherlock Holmes as it was last night. Some of us enjoyed The Hound of The Baskervilles last night and the rest of us are going to watch what me missed last night, this evening. 
I am also previewing the Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman collaboration as Holmes/Watson TV series and hope I can share it with our eldest pair for I am totally and utterly hooked. It’s a borrowed series via Lovefilm but think it’s one to purchase for keeps and certainly I would be happy to re-watch.

Might start our new art project after dinner too. 

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