Minecraft and Tooth Fairies

Finally, it seems that we have turned a corner with this lurgy. S and L are on the road to recovery with S taking a very short walk yesterday to the seafront and back. L is yet to leave the house but is at least out of bed, eating meals at the table and moving about in between Minecrafting at his desk.

We are on our fourth week of Minecraft Homeschool. To date they both have marks above 90% so are set for the Minecraft party in week six. It is a requirement that you obtain 75% minimum to qualify. This grading and reward system is very school like as well as the structure and both S and L have a mixed bag of feelings about it. L says it’s kind of fun but it takes something from the fun of the game.  I think he feels that spontaneity and creativity is removed because of the structure – like I said, it does have a school like feel to it.

S says that the instructions can be confusing but she does enjoy having a project to focus on and enjoys the team play. All of the things that both L and S like about Minecraft can be achieved on the other Minecraft Multiplayer servers, our own one included and inspiration for builds can just happen as and when so from my perspective, the things to be gained for our own two children, is simply the experience. Experience is the best way to learn in my opinion. Try something, feel it out for yourself before you decide whether it is right or wrong for you. They have experienced sticking to a laid out structure, working to deadlines, following instructions with the opportunity to have learned a little more about The Seven Wonders and the ability to have socialised with another set of new people.

It’s not a total thumbs down by any stretch of the imagination, they have still enjoyed the experience and have stuck with it. I think striking a balance between giving something a good try and giving up too quickly is a mistake that can all too easily be made.  They have decided to stick with it until the end but I doubt they will sign up again, at least not for a long while. The choice belongs to them.

In smaller twin news, A has lost another tooth and so wrote to the fairies. W wrote as well. They both designed a selection of dresses for the fairies and the Fairy Queen and left them a short message. Although W only has a wobbly tooth the Tooth Fairies do seem to have special dispensation for Identical Twins when it comes to responses and cash hand outs for their teeth. Perhaps it’s because these teeth are of particular scientific interest given the DNA? Plenty of interest and research using Identical Twins. Who knows 😉

They both, like their big sister before them, have a collection starting of notes from the Fairies. Pond Fairy, Fern Fairy the fairies in charge of responses this time. Apparently, they will be making the dress designs for the fairy summer fair and because the teeth are so small and white they will be used to make little milk cups for fairy babies. Magical.


Naturally, the fairy doodling colouring books came out first thing and then a request to go through their collection of pictures and creations to date. We have already whittled them down to one box each but another session required soon. I suppose if any member of the LA ever wanted to see some paper proof of their creativity I could just give them a box to rummage through.


In Reading progress news, W has re-joined the Reading Eggs bandwagon. A lesson each today and a book each before the excitement of Gymnastics class! Twin Dad came home early to take them. They love their Gym class.

And me, main facilitator of all things home-ed lifestyle wise, lemon biscuits, cheese bat biscuits, chocolate beetroot cake, victoria sponge cake, roast dinners, lasagne, shepherd’s delight from memory of the past few days; washing, cleaning, tidying (mostly the girl’s clothes), organising home ed activities oh and my own self employed work. Funny, it’s a large workload that our family of 6 has but in many ways we have so much time too. Wouldn’t swap our home ed lifestyle for anything else.

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