Minecraft Marathon

I’ve been sensing we are in a period of change for a while now and no doubt it coincides naturally with the change of season. We are definitely having a re-shift in our home educating activities and lifestyle.

Nobody wanted to go to Karate today so we’ve drawn a line beneath it. None of them are as motivated as they thought they were going to be so there vanishes one *exercise alongside your children* opportunity for me. Ho Hum. No big deal.

Instead we stayed home in the warm. Twin Dad was out most of the day working leaving his Mac totally free for Minecrafting. S and L both requested to return to the Home Ed Server which now has about 200 home educated children signed up; much growth since we first joined all those months back. L has been warned that the same issues exist on the server with Griefer’s but he says he is now mature enough to handle it. We’ll see. It has been a happy house so far with a clock up of about 4 hours each and they still want more!

In non-minecraft news, we have started another book from the Double Take Series, Struggle for the South Pole and we’ve broken open the Horrible Histories Terrible Tudors Puzzle for collective enjoyment. Truth is, they would still rather Minecraft at the moment but that’s OK, aside of realising the value of the game and what it provides, we don’t measure their education by one day, one week, one month or even one term. It’s a much wider perspective than that.

The marbelling inks made an appearance today for A and W. Don’t think they’ve surfaced in over a year since our last big art project with them. I must look for the photographs. This time around, we have some good results on card which we may turn into something *arty*.

Teach Your Monster to Read has also been enjoyed. A and W tell me its way better than Reading Eggs. That’s cool because it’s free.

Naturally, drawings and more drawings of Monster High have been produced.


S (11)


W (6)


A (6)

My phone gallery appears to have accumulated more pictures taken by A and W. Taking photo’s with my phone has been a fun activity for a while for them but it happens best when I’m not watching. Over time I have had found various shots of Monster High Dolls, the contents of the toilet (yes I know!) and a variety of bare bottoms etc but today I found a cute cuddly one which I can at least showcase here.


Wine O’Clock with a grocery shop waiting. So fed up of shopping but it’s all part of the job.

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