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Petworth House

Exploring Petworth House and it’s vast grounds yesterday and I can’t imagine ever wanting to swap our home educating journey for the classroom. Getting out and about and exploring our surroundings quite simply offers too much. ┬áHaving said that life doesn’t always go to plan so I’m grateful for the opportunities we have in the here and now for everything could change tomorrow. Life is like that.

Petworth has been on our list of National Trust venues to visit for a while now and with the rainy cooler weather coupled with the fact that we didn’t move very fast yesterday morning the decision to go came at around noon and off we went. Armed with our home educator’s membership and a packed lunch it was a cheap and cost effective day with Diesel as the only outlay.

The car journey didn’t disappoint. Beautiful South Down Countryside and a geology conversation on route prompted by the stone buildings we saw driving through Midhurst.

Upon arrival we headed straight to the house to look around. I think we agreed that Petworth appeared grander than Sandringham in size but perhaps not quite as impressive as we found Arundel Castle. Just our opinion of course.

petworth-005 petworth-004

The house is full of Turner paintings although I personally find these quite dark and certainly wouldn’t choose any for my own living space. The Roman statues were very light and refreshing in contrast.


We visited the Chapel and the many other rooms with L reading the guide books as he went and the rest of us pointing out things that caught our attention.


petworth-007 petworth-006

I should add that Petworth is very child friendly with it’s various chests of activities for children which we enjoyed. Plus they had a spot of the soft toy Spaniel game as we went around the many rooms.

petworth-009 petworth-008


Dressing Up and spotting themselves in the Paintings

The Historic Kitchens provided even more interest with the replica food providing much amusement to our youngest pair.


Not impressed


I really liked the order of these pans. Yes very satisfying.

petworth-014 petworth-012

Finally, once the rain had stopped we took to the grounds outside. The ground was really soggy and full of various animal poo which only reminded me that we need to sort the Welly Boot situation out very soon. Who still fits, who needs new ones etc. One of the best parts of the day was spotting two Reindeer in the wooded area. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get close enough for a picture before they galloped (do Deer gallop?) across the fields.




Really glad we got to see Petworth today. I always find these large estates really thought provoking places about life in general and how it is played out for different people. Typically the National Trust staff were always willing to offer bits of information, talk to the children and answer questions. We are fans of the National Trust and no doubt we will be back.

petworth-001 petworth

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