Nearly ready to leave

Here we are in March then.

Tip runs, furniture collections and sorting out *stuff* in readiness for our move continues. A and W are counting down the days until we leave for Grandads on what’s now called the Grandad Advent Calender.  There are no little windows of chocolate so hoping for a nice bundle at the end.

Twin Dad has hurt his back – a few days on a cocktail of pain relief and he is now mobile and just being very careful not to do any more damage. Nothing like adding some more pressure into the loop then!

The youngest pair and I have been enjoying bedtime movies in the shape of the Spider Man Triology and Men in Black 2. Seen them before but would still watch them again. Other viewing has been Back in Time for the Weekend but I think that’s about it.

Mostly the girls are playing Minecraft whilst I work on Earth Conscious or I work on getting the house move sorted. They have been using the Mac to play and have been downloading different Mods. They’re still using the Tablets too but I know once we are settled we really need to sort out another full Minecrafting platform for them. They are communicating with one another using Minecraft more and more which really does help with their reading, writing and spelling. The questions are still coming thick and fast but I notice how much more they are attempting to write words themselves.

L and I have dabbled with more Khan Academy but otherwise he is making money on Roblox.

S has basically finished her Silver Arts Award ready for submission to her mentor. You can see her finished comic here.

She’s also had her penultimate session at Theatre school and came home sad. She is going to miss that place. She had a day out with one of her pals from theatre group today – shopping etc and I realised when she returned how convenient a place Southsea is for teen entertainment.

Collectively we have not been out adventuring far at all and just popping out for fresh air and to take in the last views of Southsea/Portsmouth. It’s not necessarily the last time we will ever visit Portsmouth given family are here but it is highly unlikely we will ever return to reside.

Booby Bollard as spotted by A age 8




The Wight Link

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