Nebulae, Supernovas and Colliding Galaxies WOW

Deeper into Space we travelled discovering Nebulae, Supernovas and colliding galaxies using some of the images and information on
Some Arty Fun with Soft Pastels and glitter 
Space Girls
Colliding Galaxies
Bar Graph Worksheets courtesy of Enchanted Learning and some Monster Drawings.
The afternoon saw us watching “Journey to the Stars” which is a short DVD narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, sent to us last year from either NASA or the American Museum of Natural History – I can’t remember which now!  Lego space related building soon commenced and when the DVD had finished on went Star Wars, A New Hope.

Me thinks that this home-ed Space Mission may continue for some time yet.

Other Stuff:-

Conquer Maths for all plus some monster counting worksheets for the girls.  Barbie, Wii and Roblox and Twinbo 1 finished yet another book. Dinner was good, I made Jambalaya. Easy to throw together and easy to swallow down which just left time for a quick puppet show with Daddy and bedtime stories for everyone.

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