New Forest Wildlife Park

We have a list, a home educating lifestyle places to visit list. We ticked another place of our list with a gallivant to the New Forest Wildlife Park with a focus on seeing the Wolves. We weren’t disappointed.


Some of the pack

Mr Wolf

Mr Wolf

It’s a great place to visit. We were really lucky with the weather which remained bright and sunny for the most part allowing the children (and Twin Dad) to climb and use the apparatus there, which by the way, are really fabulous. Lots to challenge adventurous climbers.

DSC_0973 DSC_0945 DSC_0965 DSC_0978

As well as Wolves, we got to see Otters happily playing in and out of the water together; we got to stroke a beautiful deer; we watched sleeping badger; wondered why the pole cat went round and round the same route time after time after time; considered the jumping abilities of a Lynx and mimicked the communication of the baby boar.



We even took the time to spot some bugs. Made for a lovely day out. Go check it out if you’re in and around the area.

Bug Hunting

Bug Hunting

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