No Shoes, Oops

In an attempt to eliminate the competitiveness that exists between our Identical Twin girls about who gets downstairs first in the morning to sit in preferred sofa spot, I tried starting the day by reading a book in bed prior to getting up. All that happened was the competition began once the book had finished. So, the furniture in the living room has been re-arranged again as a problem solver.

Otherwise there’s been 1:1 time with A and W learning more about the blends of letter sounds to help with reading/writing plus we’ve been using the click it cubes for counting and sums and the relationship between numbers. However, 20 mins is max for any of this and they would much prefer to play freely with the click it cubes and build giraffe! I have noticed however, that sum questions are happening frequently on car journey’s and also they’re asking what this says, what that says. The interest is building.

S is still keen to pursue some more “Maths” and “English” so we sat down together and tackled some Fractions and had lots of conversation about how much understanding of Mathematics is really necessary for life and do we have enough already and how much is for the purposes of passing an exam and is that necessary. So it goes on.

“English” has been covered by using her Adventure Time Ad Libs Book and Blogging.

A and W and myself have had a play date/business meeting combined at a friends house. Things are moving forward.

S and L have been climbing, traversing at Fort Purbrook. S loves climbing. L does not. That will be his last attempt at climbing he says. Fair enough.

Meanwhile A and W and their friend and myself got in a spot of bother for not having any shoes on. I had shoes on but they didn’t. Apparently wearing shoes helps toughen your feet up – must be a gorilla thing. Still, the rules at the Fort say otherwise. Understandably so. Problem is I had already asked them to put their shoes on and they went off ahead in *I know better fashion* and pinning my girls down to put their shoes on is no easy feet feat. They understand the rules now so at least we won’t have that happen again……?

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