One Giant Leap

Tomorrow my eldest Twins turn 10. That’s a whole twenty year’s of growing up and another twenty year’s of parenting right there and I haven’t even added on the other pair yet! Perhaps I’ll talk more about that on a dedicated birthday post – see how it goes.

For today, however, it’s all about continuing our exploration into Space.  We read some more library books and watched a DVD of the Apollo 11 Mission to the moon that came free with one of the books. We will be taking a break from Space for a few days to throw in a birthday or three, some Shakespeare and goodness knows what else just to mix it up a bit.

The deal is this, how can we possibly just do a chunk on Space with the sheer amount of stuff out there to discover. We can hardly exhaust the subject and we still have a heap of the fabulous Prof Brian Cox documentaries to get through. Funnily enough I dreamt about him last night which shows you just how much Space has been on my mind.  He honoured us with a private lesson (including the children!!!) and we were viewing the Moon and other planets from a roof top.  In the dream I felt weightless and the planets were extremely vivid in both shape and colour.  OK, enough of my technicolour dreams but I think maybe we will just have to have Space Studies as a weekly slot.

Meantime, this book was recommended to us from a fellow blogger over at In And Out Of The Label so we went ahead and purchased – it’s really a delightful little book about The Story of Neil Armstrong and am pleased we have our own copy.  I’ll add this and any other resources to the Space Resources Pages as we go along.

Other stuff today apart from checking out the ice age in our garden have included Fashion designing, Roblox, Minecraft, home-made birthday decorations, totally scrumptious home-made lamb and beef Mediterranean burgers for dinner, Pocohontas, Brainbox The World and some home made rockets ready for launching tomorrow using Alka-Seltzer and Water – let you know how that goes…..

Right off, too blow up some balloons….

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