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This week mostly we have had rain. Home Education this week has largely been house bound aside of visits to friends and family.

Enormous quantities of Monster High Drawings and Colourings from Twinbo’s 3 & 4.

 Learning More About Cats from Twinbo 1
Dressing up regular every day, every hour a new outfit for these two.
Have we been burgled? No just a day at home!

A puzzle of the United Kingdom Map mainly completed by Twinbo 4

 Crazy Bones and Various Constructions using Jenga Bricks

Minecraft for Twinbo 3. If not found here can be found with 
head in a book or twenty

Spiders Nest of Eggs – we await their arrival in the bedroom of 
Mother Nature’s Apprentice aka Twinbo 1

A lovely book!

And a Toad in the Garden

Scooters and Go Karts at the Park
The dot up ahead is Twinbo 1 just to note she was there!

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