Plans and Spontaneity

Another busy week it’s been but a great balance of plans and spontaneity.

7 Loads of Washing, Minecrafting, Walking With the Dinosaurs, Home Ed Bowling and Gymnastics took care of Monday.

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Tuesday we opted for a total home day except for a post office run. The opportunity to stay home and be totally autonomous showed that the Fossil Hunt really had left an impression on our girls. Dinosaur play and episodes of Walking with the Dinosaurs have been the main menu since we returned and the theme has continued throughout the week.

Regular Fashion Tutor for S on Wednesday mornings. The dress is made, fashion shoot next week. All top secret stuff. In the afternoon we indulged ourselves with some more pick your own with friends. This time we did really well with both Strawberries and Raspberries and then went on for a play at Titchfield Abbey which was completely deserted (as it was last time we visited) and a fabulous place for a summer’s day game of hide and seek.

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More plans and spontaneity for Thursday. S and L had their first taster session at a local recording studio with another two of their home ed friends. It went well so they are returning next week.

S then went off to a Comedy Improvisation Workshop with her pal which was also a lot of fun followed by dinner and more social at her friends house.

Meanwhile, a last minute idea for a trip to Historic Dockyards covered beneath our Annual Pass for myself and A and W. We met some friends and hung out in Action Stations where we had most of the climbing apparatus to ourselves.

20140703_115658 20140703_121843

Spot of lunch in the sun and a walk around the Mary Rose Museum. This time around it was less busy so we got to see other bits that had gone un-noticed last time plus we got to lift a really really really really old cannon ball. Will enjoy dipping in and out over the course of the annual membership.

20140703_144845 20140703_144908

Beach Day Friday. Last minute idea again to meet friends on the beach. Love this time of year. Love that we have the flexibility to spend most of it out and about. Making the most of the time before everywhere is over crowded again due to school holidays. Given that I am typing whilst it is now raining we were really right to spend Friday on a sunny beach. The children got to splash around in the sea and play on the pebbles whilst we adults got to discuss business on the beach. Perfect.


In other news there has been Maths Seeds, Reading Eggs and we’ve started reading our Lucy Hawking book. L is mainly on Roblox playing with his pals.

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