Poisonous or Edible?

A perfect Autumn day spent on a Fungi Foray with an expert in mushroom hunting and her two truffle finding dogs. We weren’t looking for truffles on this particular occasion but the doggies liked to try anyway! Maybe another trip for the future.


The setting, a private estate, was truly beautiful. We came away having learned so much about Fungi and the work they do within the environment, the relationship they have with the trees whether they are parasitic or not and of course information on identification.


Many of the mushrooms went in the unknown basket but plenty went in the edible basket for cooking up after the foraging – they were delicious.

foray4 foray5

With 14,000 species you do not pick mushrooms if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The advice – cross reference books, more books,¬†photographs, the internet and experts if possible and then you can decide if you want to risk it! Some are fatal and others are fatal over a longer period of time so. We had a lovely day, great company.

Just a small selection of some of our discoveries. foray6

These mushrooms turned blue immediately upon slicing.

foray3 foray1


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