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The new Pokemon movie on CITV was the focus of the morning despite needing to be out of the house ready to deliver S and L to their animation workshop. Amazingly the timings just worked out and we got there on time. S and L are working for there Bronze Arts Award and have a few more workshops to attend. S had to forfeit regular Theatre Group this week to attend.

A and W have been playing really nicely together today at home enabling both Twin Dad and I to get on with some work. The hours just zoom by. Once the rain had stopped we did venture out for some park action and another glimpse at the Secret Egypt exhibition at Portsmouth City Museum before collection of our other pair. For the record, S and L said the workshop was really great. They are working with an artist and have a story line worked out already.


A our family Gibbon


Bottoms Up

20131019_152225 20131019_153034

Saturday evening late roast dinner cooking in the oven. Family TV in shape of X Factor; we love the singing.

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