Post Birthday Education

Today we are guilty of living with too much packaging for we have consumed more toys. We have been to the Toy Shop to spend birthday money kindly sent from Grandparents and Great Great Aunties & Uncles. In defense, we have at least only purchased items that will absolutely be used and enjoyed so they only thing that is indeed wasteful is the over sized packaging. We came home with another 4 Monster High dolls and a LaLaLoopsy.

As the toy shop is a half an hour drive from us, it gave us the opportunity for car based education. I cannot say enough times here on the blog how much is learned during the times we spend on journey’s in the car.

The key really isn’t that this is only unique to home educated families but it’s fair to say that it’s a positive of home education. Quite simply we spend more time with the children and for us more time in the car on route to other places which means the children naturally have the opportunity to ask questions and of course they can get their answers. Or at least some answers and me making a note on my Smart Phone to look up anything we can’t answer. In a classroom of 25 to 30 this is of course difficult to achieve even when concentrating on one topic but certainly not likely to happen when there are so many randomly fired questions and children wanting to go off topic. Today’s questions:-

“Mum, how can I become Noble or more specifically a knight” – Twinbo 1
“How big is the Earth?” – Twinbo 4
“How do we have Hills?” – Twinbo 3
“How can Prince be a singer when Princes aren’t pop stars?” – by one of the smallest.

Thus, we have covered today landowners, buying titles, radius, diameter, circumference, kilometres, geography, Tectonic plates, Tsunamis, Volcanoes to name but a few. We also discovered that four of us think Prince is cool and two of us think he is boring and rubbish. You can’t please everyone!

Twinbo 1 has been listening to audios and playing Monster High Dolls. A salon as been created.

Very funny apparently – Barbarian Themed

Twinbo 2 has taken to the Monster High Roller Skating Game on Wii as well as Minecrafting but is also enjoying Urgum the Axe Man as above.

Twinbos 3 & 4 are of course playing with their new dolls and have already started drawing in their new Monster High Sketch Portfolios.

We’ve also taken more time on our study of the importance of Bees.

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