Rained In

A seems more keen to learn to read than W at the moment. She read Tamla’s Animals to me last night and listened to The Thieves of Ostia (Roman Mysteries) alongside S which lulled her eventually to sleep. W, however, messed about during her recital of *Fish and Chips* as she had Honey Swamp and Monster High Makeover videos on her mind. She switched the tablet off at around 10pm but fell straight to sleep.

S on the other hand was up way past midnight reading Cup Cake Diaries.


Honey Swamp by S (11)

Mobile Hairdresser/Fellow Home Ed Mum arrived at 10am this morning to snip both L and I in to shape. Some of us had been up less than an hour when the doorbell rang but the girls sprang into action as Home Ed Hairdresser comes complete with daughter who our girls really enjoy playing with. It was a harmonious social morning!

After lunch S and L collaborated to produce the last part of their Bronze Art Award, an online Tutorial of how to make a Stop Frame Motion Animation. There’s still work to be done but they have made a good start.

Meanwhile I encouraged A and W to do some more reading and writing practice and again A was more willing than W. Both still used their workbooks as doodle pads happily enhancing the questionable pictures and generally turning their pages into maze books.  W took the messing about to new heights with her natural comedy element and gave new names to the drawings. I have to admit the banana didn’t look much like a banana (at least not the kind that arrive in our Abel & Cole organic veggie box) and apparently the teapot was a wee wee tank. Seems that we are still in the toilet humour stages but hey ho who would want to squash the fun and creativity from any type of learning? Oh yes Gove perhaps. No thank you, not for us. The positive of home educating your own *messing about*, *not interested for more than 5 minutes* 6 year old children is you can draw on their arms and/or tickle them when they are sat on your lap not conforming and then move on to something else.

Given the relentless rainfall we remained at home for the afternoon despite the need for exercise and a release of energy. Who needs a cold blustery rainy seafront when there are perfectly good beds to jump on? The bed jumping didn’t last long and in a more sedate fashion we took to the sofa for yet another Giant Panda Documentary. The Giant Panda will only look after one baby if she births Twins as two are just too demanding. Hmmmm….

W has requested we move onto Crocodiles next so Steve Irwin Crocodile Man is queued to leave our DVD shelf next.

In other parts of our family Twin Dad was out working and L was in his cave Minecrafting. I now receive messages via social media from his friends to request he goes on to help solve issues on his server.

L did join us for the second episode of The Restaurant Man.

There has also been sewing and drawing.

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