School is not for us

Unschooling continues here. We are now in our 8th year of not going to school for our eldest Twins (14) and our youngest twins (9) have never been – not even to a preschool or nursery. Still school is not for us. We all like our autonomy way too much.

So plans for the year ahead. Erm well we don’t really have anything laid out in stone, more a loose plan and a go with the flow attitude. We are moving to West Sussex in October so will be back South and by the sea again and no doubt Twin Dad and I will look out over the sea and dream of travelling just that little bit more.

S (14) is craving more independence and rightfully so. She knows how she wants to spend her time. She’ll slot straight back into Theatre School and no doubt spend more time with her friends there. Other requests have been made too so just need to facilitate. She’s still learning Japanese by using lyrics of songs. Drawing continues and her characters are impressive. She does a nice little line in Star Wars Themed Birthday Cards too. Recently acquired Pan Pipes have sparked a desire to read music so we will see where that goes. She still sings all of the time – she has a lovely voice. Have quite a list of interests that she wants to pick up again or explore. She’s a dab hand at Felting – again self taught. S is extremely creative and tells us straight she does not want to be stifled or held back by too much structure.

L (14) with the help of his Grandad has built his own Gaming PC and can mostly be found at mission control. Nothing new there then! The World Of Warcraft interest is firmly back and Minecraft is just a distant memory – a bit like Lego, Pokemon and MTG. He is always busy with things to do on WOW. His knowledge is extensive but he wants to progress. He has joined a Guild and is by far the youngest member. To seek out a Guild was difficult enough because there are different servers and your character needs to be what they’re looking for and so much other criteria to meet.¬†Forum posting and information digging and then applications required – bit like applying for a job. Learning through video gaming – who’d have thought it. Anyway the Guild he has joined may not be long lived if it doesn’t prove to be what he wants but it’s a start and I’m impressed by his maturity and strategic thinking. I’m not sure what else is ahead for L yet but am sure the house move will unfold something.

A (9) and W (9) together always. They do have their fights but they remain very very close. They are mostly interested in Horses right now. Their knowledge of the various breeds is quite extensive. In the real world they put on horse shows for us, becoming the horses themselves (which is great exercise) setting out show jumping courses on the front lawn. In the virtual digital world they are immersed in play on Star Stable. Checking statistics, typing to online friends, going on quests, watching the time until the next race and spending money is how they roll. It is all they talk about. Their reading and typing abilities have improved massively. Horse Riding is on the agenda for Autumn as is catching up with their BFFs.

My intention will be to update the Journey Unique blog a little more to reflect the fact that the children are learning and developing through our unschooling lifestyle – in fact we all are.

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