Schools Out 2015

The schools have broken up. It certainly crept up on us quickly this year. We spent the first day of schools out at the beach with friends but in actual fact it’s just another normal day for us.


In our un-schooling lifestyle there is no break from timetables or learning we just keep living and that’s that. This means I can tell you in advance with confidence that we will fail yet again at the dedicated *learn nothing day* planned for tomorrow.

Since I wrote last, S, A and W have had their last theatre school session until after the school holidays. S has a couple of songs to learn but otherwise she is free from commitment there giving her the capacity to focus back on her Silver Arts Award. She saw her Art Tutor and has some researching to do at home in readiness for the next session. It’s mainly thinking about possible routes forward should she want to pursue a career in illustration or similar. Likely these routes are going to be more creative and out the box than a typical GCSE, A Levels, College, University, Job kind of route given she’s already following an alternative pathway.

Week II of the Future Learn Richard III course has commenced and I’ve shared in that with L. Aside of reading the content, he participated in a medieval shopping list task to decide what he would spend his weekly craftsman salary on and then post his comments. This was after he made sure that his profile name was changed and that he wasn’t putting stuff on line for everyone to see. He is a very cautious boy.

All of us have watched episode 2 of the latest Dragon’s Den series. Happy to see Raw Chocolate on the show especially as we had some in the cupboard and have been using in our baking for many months now already. And then, low and behold A and W start to write scripts for their own Dragon’s Den show that they want to *play* with their friends on their return from holiday. It has a comical twist. I shouldn’t be surprised by these events, it’s how learning happens when you have no set structure or restrictions on what, when and how.

A and W continue to select books from the piles spread across their bedroom floor for us to share together. They read some of the words, I read the rest. We’ve revisited Archimedes Bath and Fleas covering both science and business today. Twin Dad has been sharing Fairy books with them and they have been listening to the read aloud book that S and I are enjoying.

There’s also been another D&D session for S and L and friends and they’ve finished the storyline so when they continue it will be a new story next time.

The last Adventure Playground meet took place this week too. No more adventure playground group until after the school holidays. At one point in the hut there was a charity cake sale going on, magic the gathering game, a talk/demonstration by one of the home ed Dad’s who had brought in Meat goods from his small holding whereby the children got to look/touch/cut up a cow tongue, cow livers and pig trotters and a pig tail. Meanwhile outside climbing, sand and water play was happening and the older ones *hanging out*.

A and W have also been designing new dolls to send to Mattel. When not doing that they are creating discos and businesses. Oh and I also gave them a new *maths* resource bought from a fellow home edder. It’s just one of those 100 base plate things plus tens and units. I thought it might help them along. Thus far it has been built in to new beds for Draculaura and friends and is currently being used as some kind of wall around a very intricate play area scene. So that’s good then!!! Also in the package of goodies purchased from fellow home edder were some lovely rainforest books which we are yet to read but also some sticky jungle animals. Said animals are now creatively placed in my bay tree.


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  1. Sarah

    We used the base 10 more for building too. I like to think ideas are ‘absorbed’. Love the animals in the plant 🙂

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