The heat continues.

It’s still the busy season. We literally kicked off Monday with home ed team style sports in the shape of Fitness and Footy at the Park. Our second session thus far and again a huge success. 14 children ranging 5 through 11 at the very top end (as this group is really for the younger members) keeping our PE teacher come home ed mum with grown up daughter on her toes. She definitely deserves a medal as well as a pay rise! The children really do enjoy this activity and the fact that we follow on with picnic lunch and play in the park.

Meanwhile S and L stayed home and did their own thing before heading off to see Planet of The Apes at the cinema with their friend. They came back after dinner saying how good it was but much more brutal than the first one. I should still like to see it. They’ve had much explaining to do about the Ape side of things to A and W who are keen on the whole primate subject.

Tuesday was Birthday time in the sun. Our friend A turned 11 and we spent a wonderful day in the garden in and out of the swimming pool, up and down the tree house, playing with cool Playmobil Trains in the garden, watching Lego Movie, grabbing food and drinks as we went not to mention our friend really surpassing herself with the rainbow lego cake! 8 children ranging 5 through 13. Chilled fun, just how we like it, really great.

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Today, Wednesday we finally got our home day and it was worth it. We only left the house for a walk to the shops and post office but we did take a different route, we like to keep things fresh!

Things had really started to pile up at home. Two large boxes of items no longer needed or wanted ready for recycling in some way and we can see the floor of A’s and W’s bedroom. Having a sort out always revives interest in forgotten toys. Domestic Goddess chores are of course ongoing but have made some more progress with paid work.

L has been collaborating with friends and trying to enhance his video gaming videos. S has dabbled in MC in between more Manga character drawing plus she asked to borrow L’s 3DS which hasn’t been played in a long time. Animal Crossing her choice of game.

A and W are keen on reading eggs at present and the skills are progressing but more obviously they are still asking me to answer all kinds of sums. It’s gone from an in the car thing to almost any time anywhere with so many different addition sums. They are asking all kinds of sums but today has been numbers such as 700 plus 7 and then what is 707 plus 707 and then doing the same with the threes or whatever. I can hear their minds thinking about the patterns.

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