Sea City to Sticks

No longer in Portsmouth. The move went smoothly and we have spent the past 5 days unpacking what we need. Many boxes remain unpacked and *stuff* is stored away until we realise¬†we need something. We’ve gone from *Sea City Living* to *In the Sticks Living*

The birds are waking us at the crack of dawn instead of the drunks waking us in the early hours – quite the difference. Tractors and horses delay our car journeys not traffic.

The biggest difference up here is quite simply space. Right now A and W have been enjoying the garden space, riding bikes, bug hunting and generally racing on the flat lawn. They’ve been colouring and drawing, still using their technology but much less and we’ve been sharing Eco Kids Magazine at bedtime but mostly it’s about the ability to be free to be outside. I believe they have helped Granddad make bread also with the help of L.

Gorfield seems so much smaller since our last visit – everyone has grown so much.

gorfield1 Gorfield

Yesterday we were able to walk to a local home ed meet here in our village hall. This is something that definitely wasn’t in place when we lived here before. A relaxed come and chat, come and play kind of group and it was really good to see a few faces that we haven’t seen in a long while – they’ve all grown too! Well the children that is!

These are some of the flat fields behind the houses in the village.

tydd tydd1

I tried my hand at needle felting for the first time. Therapeutic stuff. Really enjoyed that and will be seeking out some kit so we can try at home.

Twin Dad is away in London at present (8 nights and 9 days away in total). Might be the way it is for a while. We’re adjusting to our own routine and I’m finding early mornings a good slot to get some productive work in on Earth Conscious.

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