Shakespeare for Kids

To Be Or Not To Be, That Is The Question………

Well for us it was to be because I found a fabulous set of books to introduce Shakespeare to my eldest twins. The Shakespeare Stories is a box set of 16 books that is around £65 for the set but you can buy them for a fraction of that price on Amazon, Book People, eBay etc.  The Amazon link is below but shop around for the best price.



Facts about Shakespeare
BBC Class Clips using the search time Shakespeare


My eldest had a stab at writing their own short Shakespearean plays.  Twinbo 1 wrote in Shakespearean style in the form of a short play script whereas Twinbo 2 opted for a story including some of Shakespeare’s characters from a number of different plays all meeting together in the same story. You could try filming your own play or simply acting it out.

Shakespeare Mask
Shakespeare Note Paper for writing your own play perhaps as above
Midsummer Nights Dream Colouring Pages

Make up your own words

Possible Trips Out
Globe Theatre London (this one is very much on our list of things to do)
Stratford Upon Avon

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