The closing performance for S last night in a Robin Hood Pantomime written and produced by the Theatre Group she attends. I can’t begin to talk about the hard work that goes in to these shows as we sit on the outside but their efforts are evident in the productions. Everyone did so very well. S was shining brightly. Her face paints a thousand pictures when she is *in character* enjoying herself on stage. Her character this time around was again a male comedy character. She likes the tomfoolery and fun. A singing and dancing part plus a whole pile of lines and plenty of stage movement; she was great and we are so proud. She came home buzzing again and we talked about how we could nurture this interest/passion further as it’s really something she loves to do and wants to continue.

A and W were happy to be chosen to participate and receive sweets in one of the parts towards the end. All the regular elements of Panto were included in the show.

It was a late one though with most of us home by 10pm but S not til 11pm and Twin Dad after midnight as he helped dismantle the set and deliver parts back to where they belong. Subsequently, everyone was tired this morning with S the last to rise at nearly midday. She can catch up and chill out for the rest of the week now if she so desires unlike some of her theatre pals who have school calling for them on Monday morning.

Very kick back day otherwise with tea and cake and chats with home ed friend parents. Minecrafting for both L and S and lots of TV for all. Glad I had left over cottage pie and veggie lasagne dinners in the fridge save cooking tonight.

Feeling Happy and ready for the week ahead. Bring it on.


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