Simple and Difficult

Twinbo 4 delivered me the junk mail and exclaimed “look Mum, you can get *Brave* hair” as if it was something anyone including us with straight blonde hair could go get if we only just attend this salon shop advertised on the flyer! So simple, go an get some Brave hair. Brave is a movie for those who don’t know and the character has masses of fabulous orange curly hair.
Slightly more sleep last night after watching some episodes of King Arthur’s Disasters. Pancakes for breakfast and a letter arrived for Twinbo 1 from her BFF back from her school days. This is a friendship that has remained firmly placed, I believe, in both their hearts despite the lack of time together.
“Can you skip over a monkey?” whilst giggling and laughing using their large monkeys, orangutan style with long limbs as skipping ropes. It’s music to my ears when I hear them getting along for it is totally different when they fight.
Just as I thought everything was all peace and love and we are about to step outside the house, Twinbo 2 in tears. More Minecraft multiplayer problems to resolve. 
Minecraft is great; I fully support it but oh my goodness trying to negotiate the social issues that crop up on the back of *griefing* is really challenging particularly for many of the children who either are diagnosed with an ASD or like my son who certainly has traits of an ASD just we haven’t bothered with a diagnosis! 
*Griefing* for those not in the know is when someone blows up (with TNT) another player’s construction. The thing is the creations have often taken hours or dedicated hard work so I do understand why players would become so distraught when other players are disrespectful and I understand when certain types won’t let things lie. They feel strongly about what they are standing up for but in life sometimes you just have to let it go in order to move forward. 
Often projects are built out of collaboration too so it can be more than one player who is offended. Often, but not limited to, the *Griefers* are younger players who perhaps don’t understand the time involved in building something so intricate and are still very excited about the ability to use the TNT. There are protection stones so I understand but there are loop holes even to this safety net. *sigh*
The positives remain with regards to overall enjoyment and learning and I cannot begin to describe just how much is taking place on the back of this game. Honestly, people if you think that it’s just another mind numbing video game you would be so incredibly wrong. It’s an absolute hive of activity.
Recovery came during the rest of the day spent at Staunton Farm but will blog separately for we have some lovely photos. 

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