Social Cup Filling


S spent a lovely day with her BFF, just the two of them without any sibling interference. Sometimes this is needed to balance the age gap. Drop off turned into a few more hours evening fun with all siblings present except for L of course who was in the building but not at the party ifyswim!

To fill the void that S left whilst out with her BFF the rest of us spent a couple of hours at Historic Dockyard starting with a Harbour Tour boat ride and then splitting into two groups with Twin Dad, A and W at Action Stations for some climbing wall action whilst L and myself took in Victory.


Car Boot Looting for me and A and W have a new cardboard fairy house for the amazing bargain of £1. Some folk’s junk is other folk’s treasure. A quick business meeting around excitable children and then a very sunny afternoon spent at Grandad M’s house for the first BBQ of the season. I think he orders the weather especially as everywhere else seemed to be overcast. Anyway nice afternoon indulging L in his meat intake, bouncing and hose pipe fun for the youngest two but S was too tired to socialise really and spent most of the time indoors watching TV.


Aggro at the Post Office. Very cross with my local PO suffice to say will now be using the main one despite the extra journey.

Bowling Group was a 75/25 success split for us with three girls enjoying it but L not enjoying it. It’s so hard to get the balance right all of the time.

Gymnastics for the girls in the evening which they absolutely love. Feeling a bit like a taxi driver but that’s what happens when you follow and interest led learning style with certain subjects. L and S managed to catch up on MC time at home.


More social cup filling. I don’t know why one of the main questions concerning Home Education is worry about socialisation – it’s a total myth.

S and L at their friends whilst myself, A and W hooked up with two other home ed families for a play date. Seven children between us. Harmonious Happy Play with a pizza, salad, fruit spread fit for a king topped off with cookies and lollies.

L’s  social cup filled right up before S’s as would be expected so he came home early leaving S content to stay and hang out.

It does seem that our path is set for more and more following of individual stuff but I recognise the importance of pulling back in time for all of us as a family of 6 rather than being fragmented all of the time.

My marker is always if life starts to feel like the time we were in school then it’s time to reassess.


A and W have been asking more and more number related questions. The post office provided number interest and a life lesson in patience. Interestingly they are spotting more and more brand names of cars by recognising the different badges on boots/bonnets. Reading Eggs has been dabbled with.

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