Socials, TV Festival, heat savings

We are a *man* down with W and a high temperature starting at 1130pm last night and taking us through the night in a fit of disrupted human hot water bottle whilst shivering kind of sleep. Meaning, we have had to cancel our friends coming to play today.

So, with W snuggled on the sofa, A in a blanket on the floor drawing, S still in bed (at quarter to ten) and L in his room I’m filling in the gaps missing from the blog space over the past few days in an effort to record something during a period that seems to be offering up very little time for blogging in general until now.

S has filled her social cup and performance related desires at Theatre Group on Saturday whilst L went to a friends house for some boys fun and Pokemon. Actually, it wasn’t as simple as that because our friends were on puppy sitting duties and L has a large dislike/fear for dogs even the tiny handbag type wearing jumpers so the morning was lets just say, tense. He coped though. He went and mostly stayed out of it’s way. We all went to collect L because the rest of us, particularly S, wanted to meet the puppy in it’s jumper. Very cute, jumpy and loveable and not smelly at all – yet!

The girls and I made some more rainbow candles with left over crayons and some of the large stock of white candles I’ve been storing. Twin Dad tested them beneath a large terracotta pot for heating. It works! It’s still mild really for November and we are still yet to turn on any gas central heating. Happy Days!



Sunday morning started early with a float around the car boot for me, housework for Twin Dad, dinosaur, farm animal role play for A and W, music and singing for S and gadget stuff for L.

The afternoon was spent with friends visiting for more social time and play for children and adults alike, pizza and ice-cream. A great way to spend Sunday afternoon and evening.

Monday, a Dental trip for me and with the rain still falling all afternoon and a back log of admin we decided to stay home with everyone going about their business. L has been looking at the History of Technology using the Internet.

We’ve definitely entered TV Festival season in our home educating lifestyle. Perfectly natural given the colder months. News, Bake Off, Atlantis, Wizards, Disney Movie, Pinocchio. Revolution Televised comedy sketch a definite favourite for myself and Twin Dad.  Talking of viewing, I failed to mention before but S and I watched another fashion based documentary about a photographer called Bill Cunningham a few weeks back. Worth a watch for anyone interested in that industry.

I suspect there will be a heap of sofa action today too.

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