Soup and Ice Cream

The third double extraction in my life happened without my recollection unlike the first two. Teeth are easier than Twins yet I found myself somewhat more anxious. It’s easy to understand the psychology behind that bizarre thought process; there is no choice when you’re 8 or 9 months pregnant with Twins, they have to come out. Yet with troublesome teeth I could easily have changed my mind and walked out. The sensible side of me sitting alongside my husband in the waiting room meant I went through with it. I now have very sore gums and am living on a diet of Soup and Ice-cream. 
Home Education Saturday went by with me mostly in bed or chair coming around from sedation and remaining pretty tired on pain relief. These were the instructions from the Dentist apparently but I don’t really think there was much choice for me to do anything else. Thus, I don’t have too many details of the learning that took place for the Twinbos. Grandad M came to look after them all and I know some building took place and some chocolate eating. He’s very good with the children so they were in safe hands.
Twinbo 1 went to Theatre and I know she was disappointed that the session was only an hour long. We need to think carefully about how to nurture this passion of hers.
Twinbo 2 at a guess was on Minecraft. It’s an educated guess on my part and certainly one I’d bet on.
The girls, I don’t really know. Drawing, Minecraft, dressing up, building, throwing tantrums, playing mostly with Twin Dad. I know he took them out in the afternoon and left our eldest in charge of me. I guess they learned much about responsibility whilst I sat glued to the screen.
I found this written by Twinbo 3 (6). Pretty good writing I thought considering they haven’t had much practice. Seems like they are more keen though so perhaps the time is right for them.
Brings us round to Sunday. Sore. Pain. I’m back on my feet though although not feeling particularly 100%. Still, we ventured out and purchased another device to ease the sharing issues we have with four keen Minecrafters and general all round gadget users. It was just enough for me. Still healing.
Here’s Twinbo 4 with the new gadget. It’s like second nature to them.
Our youngest have had plenty bike riding, scooter riding, rolling down hills and general sea front action courtesy of Twin Dad being home. They are out there now at 1945 while I blog. Loving the light evenings and the fact that we have no pressure to get home and get ready for school the next day.

3 thoughts on “Soup and Ice Cream

  1. higglepea home ed

    Teeth extractions are horrid things. I remember when I had my four wisdom teeth out in hospital, I came home looking like a chipmunk and felt very sorry for myself. I wish you all the best for a pain free speedy recovery. Lots of TLC needed and yummy ice cream. xXx

  2. Sandra Ainsley

    I’m guessing these were wisdom teeth ? Had all 4 of mine out in hospital-you have all my sympathy. Get well soon xxx Eat fruit ice cream (gets your 5-a-day in!) and chocolate can be sucked in very small, thin pieces 🙂

    1. Angela Manton

      Thanks ladies x Unfortunately not wisdoms. Two molars consistently suffering from infection due to failed root canal treatment several years back. No choice but to have them removed. Have to look at getting some implants when infections cleared and gums healed 🙁

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