Southsea, Portsmouth Reflection

This is my blog space which mostly recalls our adventures as a home educating family and it helps to do so whilst we continue to walk the path less trodden. There is much to reflect upon for 3 plus years of home education in Portsmouth but most significantly I feel that more than ever we have made home education simply a way of life and the term is only now used by way of label or explanation to others. To us it is just what we do within our overall lives.

The last three years from my personal perspective has been a balance of positives and negatives as is the normal case for life and lots of growth and learning for all including the adults. It’s had it’s challenges. Twin Dad and I have both worked relentlessly from this base.

This blog is full of great memories to look back on and way too many to go through here and reflect upon but evidence that we have had had some good times.


I could focus on the negatives of our time here but it’s better to just leave those negatives behind and be grateful we can do so. There is nothing to be gained from participating in negatively charged situations certainly not ones that have been manufactured by others. More than ever I believe in taking responsibility for our own actions in this life and although we cannot be in control of every aspect of our lives, we do have choices on how we react and respond to the situations we are presented with. If we are to teach our children anything, attitude and perpsective are definitely good examples. It’s not about the School Curriculum for us at all.

Mostly the negatives have been about non personal stuff such as Dog Poo, Anti-Social Behaviour and Police Sirens and that’s not unique to Portsmouth, of that I am sure. So, swiftly onwards.


Portsmouth has given us a home ed community one of which I have personally put a lot of energy into helping grow by creating opportunities for the group, some of which are still being enjoyed by others today. I’ve had the pleasure of arranging various trips and have learned from others who had more experience at dealing with the nonsense that comes with arranging such events.

Equally, as a family we have benefited from activities and events organised by others within the group. It is true to say that home ed groups are only as successful as the energy that is shared within them whether that be those organising or those attending. It is a collective effort and mostly we rub along nicely. There are some good people here who we will miss and I hope that we can remain in touch and even hang out at times in the future.

One of the biggest positives has to be meeting and collaborating with my Earth Conscious business partner. If we hadn’t come to Portsmouth, Earth Conscious may not even have been born. It is a bonus that our children are great friends.

We have spent time with family whilst here too. Not enough really but we have had some fun and happy times to speak of. Of course we will be back but maybe we will have adventures in new places too.

Portsmouth gave S (14) Victory Land Theatre Group which has been a wonderful group. They have helped her personal development as well as help her progress within the field of acting and singing. She has had some fantastic opportunities on stage and has given us much to be proud of. She should feel proud of herself too. I know she feels sad about leaving this behind.

S (14 ) has also had the pleasure of working with an incredible local artist who has been instrumental in helping S to create her fabulous Manga Comic and work towards her Silver Arts Award.

L (14) has benefited in very different ways. It’s hard to explain and despite some bumps and disappointments he has really *chilled* here. It feels like it’s just been a platform for the next stage.

We have adventured from this base making it to Wiltshire, Wales, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, IOW and explored much of Hampshire and West Sussex.

On our doorstep in Southsea comes the Sea and we’ve had some lovely beach days and plenty of swimming for Twin Dad and the girls. It may not be the Caribbean but being by the Sea with friends is still very cool! I shall personally miss being by the sea and watching the boats come in and out. I love being by the Sea. The youngest pair (8) have certainly enjoyed the parks and open spaces.

It is time to leave and we are ready. However, I was reminded just recently at a woods meet up of some of the people I am really going to miss. There are people we haven’t even gotten around to actually saying goodbye to and they probably don’t even realise who they are or that I would have liked to have had the opportunity to do so. There are people I should have liked to have had more time with and again many won’t realise that is the case. There are others that I wish our pathways could have stayed more aligned with and feel slightly sorry/sad that it didn’t turn out that way – I hope they realise who they are. To all of these people whether you realise it or not, thank you.

Portsmouth remains a positive move to have made.

Peace out x

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