Star Wars Christmas Advent

9 sleeps to the new Star Wars movie. The girls are counting down to Christmas presents. The handmade advent calendar is up and so is the rescued from the dump tree – third year running.

So far we’ve made paper chains, Twig Tree Decorations and mounted them on the wall in our very own wall forest, Wooden Star Decorations for the Tree, put the tree up and watched The Nativity Story.

homeedtable homeedtable2


We’re mostly home based at the moment splattered with the odd outing. Nobody that bothered about going anywhere so we remain firmly in a home groove. It’s a busy at home groove and necessary in many ways as I’ve been consumed by Earth Conscious and the relaunching of our new natural deodorant Hippy Paste. There’s lots more hard work to be done here but we have some exciting plans for the Spring.


When I say home groove, I suppose I mean family groove too with the focus on just us 6 right now and doing what it takes to get through another day. A and W remain up and down in temperament with managing expectations and excitement brought on by the Christmas Season. At times its very tiring for the rest of us and doesn’t always make for peaceful days so it’s good to be able to just centre ourselves and not take on any more than we have already.

Short but sweet visit to Game Over, a cool retro video Gaming venue in Old Portsmouth. We met up with fellow home ed pals The Gallivanters. Lovely to see them all again. I found Astro Wars, Munchman and even Hunchback – the children weren’t impressed by the games of my childhood! They did however enjoy plenty of other games and L in particular would like to go back. I’d like the chairs.

gameovergameover2A different day gave us a short windy seafront stroll with friends and the delights of drinks at the Coffee Cup followed by play at home.

Yet another short trip for some of us to collect Twigs. It’s all pretty much go with the flow whilst doing what we need to do at this present moment in our family life. I appreciate how we can embrace our own rthymn and am equally looking forward to the changes ahead.

In more retro news, L and I watched an episode of Fawlty Towers. Other viewing has been Tomorrow’s Food and also Nigella.

S has carried out another 1:1 session with one of her students for her Silver Arts Award, been to Theatre School for singing and dancing and has helped film for a new You Tube Channel coming soon.

L has mostly been on Roblox. It’s the money making and Economics part of the game he likes best. Occasionally we are fitting in some English Language IGCSE coursework but not routinely.


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