Staunton Farm, Gardens and Country Park Second Visit

By mid morning we left the house and headed out to Staunton Farm, Gardens and Country Park and had a cracking time despite the rain.

Our second visit of the year also covered by our Culture All Pass meaning that with our other visits to other venue covered by the pass, we have used the cost of our membership.  Now any visits used under our pass will be an absolute bonus!

If like us, you are interested in the natural world around you then Staunton is just waiting to be absorbed. Giant Lily Pads (Victoria Amazonica), the water cycle, Eco systems, Rainforests, mini beasts, peacocks, feeding animals….it’s all happening here.

Feeding the animals

Two of the Guinea Pigs shared our names. Funny!

Posing Goat

Twin sliding

Wood Chip Digging Chickens searching for grubs. We spotted one with a worm!

Rain drops on a beautiful flower

Our very own naturalist

Feeling the warmth from the rainforest room

Finger nibbling fish

Lily Pads




Madagascan Cockroach – some of us stroked it!

Probably our favourite place in the whole place

Look what we were treated to!












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