Still enjoying the summer season

Such fantabulous weather we have been having again this week has made for lots of beach trips and sea swimming with friends or just with us. Living steps from the beach is an advantage from that perspective. The girls have a rather large inflatable Orca which they pestered us for but ultimately it isn’t very stable and again you can see that keeping things simple is often the better choice. I have to wrestle with my conscience that it’s more waste anyway.

There has been other swimming too. L has been to two different swimming pools; one with Twin Dad and the other with friends to a pool that had a Vortex! He came back very happy from the Vortex swimming. Although since, he has been sick and has a cold. Perhaps the food at the pool or just a germ – who knows.

We have been knocking things of our things to do list too with four children all having their passport photo’s taken in a booth and we are now £20 lighter as a result. S now has a fully operating PC in her penthouse suite aka the loft room and can MC without much disturbance plus she has a Skype account of her own. Between the days she has spent out with friends and her minecrafting we really haven’t seen her much.

Since the last post there has been a regular Monday Footy & Fitness session and a Gymnastics session for the girls. A and W now have Gymnastics Badge 5.

There’s been another independent cinema trip for S and L with their friend to see Earth to Echo and then they all walked back here and hung out.

Thursday and Friday was pretty much taken with driving S too and from a Film Workshop but the 2.5 hour round trip each day was worth it; she loved it. Being with her friends and writing a script, making costumes and filming. The result will be a comedy/horror with lots of Zombies. We eagerly await the finished DVD.

Bringing us round to right now as I go to press for I can’t rack my brains for anything more or the small important stuff as is often the case when leaving blogging this long. I will endeavour to do better but it is still the summer season so have to make allowances for that.


At the beach


Fitness & Footy Game Talk


The Monster High Dolls hanging around

DSC_0160 DSC_0159

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