Stone Henge

Stone Henge has been on our list of places to visit for a long time now so we were all very excited and happy to have made it there this year. It also tied in with our King Arthur topic that has been running on the back of the Merlin Series. Legend has it that Merlin created this site! Anyway, regardless of legends and theories we were all very excited to see this Prehistoric structure! 
No queues for us with our English Heritage Membership and the fact that our 6 year old’s were only up for a quick zap around didn’t matter too much. Twinbo 1 took to feeling the Earth, Twinbo 2 plugged in to the audio guide and I just harped on about *feeling the energy*.

Back home via the Forest of Bere with a Chipnic in the car. Perfect family day out.

2 thoughts on “Stone Henge

  1. pixieminx

    A chipnic! Never heard that before, must try it out and at Forest of Bere too, perfect. I’ve always wanted to go to Stongehenge on the Summer Solstice, maybe I can drag my lot out in the middle of the night this year for it!?! Emma 🙂

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