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Sherlock Hound Series 3 the viewing last night. Animation with a famous detective theme!

Today, plans to meet up with some fellow home ed friends at a National Trust venue had to be cancelled to allow me to juggle all the balls required for the days ahead which are actually uncertain and possibly going to include some last minute action. That’s just the way it is.


Agent S decided to tackle some Fractions (not for long but enough to feel happy that she had understood something else). I do wonder how much of this stuff she really needs. I suspect very little actually.

Twinbo 2 played around with his Nerf Gun then settled on some English with the help of Google to learn the definitions of some new words. We like to expand our vocabulary and our communication skills.

Twinbo 3 Minecrafted.

Twinbo 4 played on Star Fall for a while and made a birthday card for her friend.

Me, I took the groceries in, stripped two beds and accomplished 3 loads of washing.

Still waiting on news, we opted for a sunshine walk up to the newly re-opened Natural History Museum Portsmouth to see what changes they had made. It’s cleaned up and clearly lots of fresh paint has been used and a few changes to layout. Content not so much change but it was worth the trip just to see a huge moth just hatched in the butterfly enclosure. Amazing stuff! Reminded us of when we hatched butterflies a couple of years back. Must do that again, perhaps next year.

Wandered back. Melting by this point. Workmen “You’ve got a lot of kids”. My response “Two sets of twins”. Several pavement stones down the road while he processes this information and he says *That’s unusual*. *Yes* I say. I can’t help but think how many times we hear this sort of thing and it still amuses me. I don’t think 4 is actually a lot of kids but it’s the most fullest full on job I’ve ever had and it’s certainly more than enough of a challenge when they come in pairs. I wonder what the children make of all the conversation starters we attract. I guess they know no different.

Twinbo’s 3 and 4 came back with their new Dinosaur additions and feeling inspired their love of dinosaurs has come back in to play. The bottom floor to our house is now covered in shells, grass, coloured rice, rocks, paper, water troughs, plastic containers, towels and goodness knows what else all in aid of creating an environment for the dinosaurs to live. Great fun but highlighting to me that we very much miss a garden.

We also made a start on one of our new books from the Double Takes series which we spotted over at fellow home edders blog higglepeahomeed and thought yes they are for us! Initially it was just myself reading and the eldest two listening but soon enough we were joined by the youngest two. We all like to hear stories of Egypt.

As I read, I wondered if this summer cold thingy is actually a hay fever or allergy or something. It seemed to go but it’s back.

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