Sunday Exploring

Last night, minus Twin Dad we appreciated the singing talent on The Voice and the entertainment factor of Britain’s Got Talent with me showing particular appreciation for the French martial art/acrobatic group. Once all four were tucked up sleeping I enjoyed the Two Greedy Italians series.

It’s the second series and absolutely brilliant for anyone who loves Italy, its food and culture. The two chef’s, Antonio and Gennaro appear to have a really connected relationship which really shapes the whole programme. They talk about how things were for them as boys and compare them to how Italy is now. I want go into more details just in case any readers haven’t caught up with it yet but I will say it left me yet again with more food for thought (excuse the pun!)

Twin Dad arrived home this morning and after a couple of hours hanging out and catching up with play we decided to head out to make the most of the free entry to National Trust properties being offered this weekend.

Peckover House has been on the list for a while now and and we wanted to take a peek prior to us leaving the area. Today was a good day to do just that. It’s a Georgian House that belonged to the Peckover’s, a banking family. It was a short trip really but nonetheless good despite Twinbo 4 displaying much difficult behaviour but we won’t go into that!

Enjoying the touchy feely stuff

Space to run around – always needed with our bunch of energetics

Some lovely puzzles

The Chandelier which Twinbo 3 decided she would like for her own house. We were also treated to a piano piece by a nice lady sat at the piano in this room. 

Bees At Work

Twinbo 2 engrossed in some reading material 

Wysteria climbing up the walls – will look really pretty when it’s out in full.

It’s also Earth Day today which we haven’t focused on but we are mindful, especially Twinbo 1.

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