Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days

Sunday night reading contained W reading *Super Dad* and A reading *The Odd Pet* followed by Twin Dad sharing *The Colossal Book Of Costumes* with A whilst W settled for sharing the latest Monster High Annual with me.

Monday with blue skies and kinder weather we headed off to Manor Farm to meet some friends sneaking another trip under our Culture All Pass before it expires in March. We’ve visited before (Manor Farm Hampshire) and (Fibonacci, Manor Farm, Minecraft) but it’s always a happy place to be and today was no different.

20140210_115112 20140210_114743

We love the variety of chickens they have and this time we were lucky to stroke week old baby chicks, one of which was a rare variety apparently.


There was bunny stroking too……accompanied by questions relating to Home Ed such as “You only do about 2 hours a week of teaching don’t you?” and “It’s always a day off in the home ed world, isn’t it?” and “What about exams?” It’s funny the ideas people have about how Home Eduction might look. The exam question amuses me the most as I wonder why the focus is always on exams. Why are we measured by exams? Exams are not the sum of us nor the sum of our experiences.

The school room provided much fun until the teacher walked in and knocked us all in to shape for ringing the bell that was found in the cupboard. Granted we were rather loud and non-conforming! Actually she was very nice and spent some time chatting to us and let us have some slates to chalk on. I simply wrote FREEDOM on mine and soon after went for some fresh air!

20140210_133553 20140210_133558

Piglets, a baby goat and lambs all adding the cute factor to the day out plus all the regular favourites, cows, sheep, goats and donkeys.




Rosalind Pig

20140210_134126 20140210_115510

Finished the day off with some Mud.



Today, Tuesday and it’s been cancel all ideas of buying cards and wrapping paper chores in favour of sit and chat to home ed mum friends whilst smalls play happily and harmoniously together for a couple of hours. 7 children boys and girls aged 2 through 8. I only popped around to collect our Suma food order! I returned to find that S had transformed herself into a fox with impressive face painting skills and L had “modded” Minecraft. Very pleased with themselves so they were and happy too.

We have secret card and wrapping to do this evening and some more decoration crafting. 12th Birthday celebrations start tomorrow.

Mash Potato Sandwiches

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