Swanwick Lakes

Another couple of days zooms by amidst a mountain of work and administration. Still at least the Tax Returns have been done early!

Monday we took advantage of the mild weather and went for a gallivant to Swanwick Lakes with some friends. This made up for the fact that we should have been there on the Thursday just gone, for a home ed group but had to bale out last minute due to a re-juggling of work commitments for Twin Dad – such is life.

Anyhow, had a nice day walking, playing, den building and chatting amongst the trees and we managed to negotiate the bank holiday traffic in time for Gymnastics. Only 8 children made it so they joined groups and played games. A asked the instructor if she’d missed the warm up and said that’s OK the warm up is boring anyway. Oh dear!

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Tuesday has been mostly a home day as requested by the children. Time to catch up and do their own thing. A and W have left the house for a bike ride and a park trip but our pre-teens remain rooted at home.

S has been delighted to play MC on our server with two home ed friends who have fairly recently left the area – good to catch up. L has been in his usual spot laughing and giggling with his MC and WOWC pals.

They both fitted some Maths in today with S using a workbook and L using Manga High and Khan Academy.

A and W did their own bit of Maths over breakfast with talk of fractions and percentages. So much of our learning happens adhoc and by conversation.

Stampy has featured a lot with S watching past clips daily on her phone and A and W watching via You Tube on the TV or Tablets. S tells me the older ones are to be avoided for A and W. We know why. L who isn’t the biggest Stampy fan can instead tell us the story/history of Stampy and his failures and success to date. I don’t know why L isn’t that keen but I think he gets frustrated with the level of game play. L is also making his own videos of game play so he must have been inspired somewhere along the way….

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