Tag Team Parenting

Finally we are getting through this illness. Just W to recover now.

Playing Tag Team parenting in order to manage the 4 different needs including different destinations at similar times with one child still unwell to leave the house. It’s tricky but it’s better than them all being unwell and unable to go anywhere.

S was well enough to go to drama. She missed the past two weeks. She’ll be increasing her Saturday mornings as from next week onwards with Singing class prior to drama. She loves it. What can I say.

L left the house for his pal’s 13th birthday celebrations at Fort Purbrook. He skipped wall climbing but went for air rifling, which he enjoys. Then back for pizza and cake. He came home exhausted. Hardly surprising given it’s first proper time out since being unwell.

Our two youngest stayed at home all day playing at Monster High, Reading Eggs, Hex Bugs, Drawing…..


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