The Best and The Worst

Sunny Saturday.

2pm Matinee, the last performance for Twinbo 1 although she stays as part of the whole experience and assists with the evening show. Nanny and Grandad came down to watch!

Meanwhile, Minecrafting, beach front activities and a wooden construction that still runs the length of the living room/dining area. One day our living room space will be tidy which gives all the more reason to embrace these days whilst they are here.

The seafront spaces including the common obviously packed of people heading down to enjoy the sunshine  and some live music, BBQ’s, picnics and whatever else.

As the day wears on unfortunately not only does the Sun bring out the best (happiness) in people it ultimately brings out the worst in others too as you hear the language and nonsense through our open windows. Roll on Monday.

We knew we wouldn’t stay and despite our time here being on a whole positive, I’d rather leave on a high note rather than a sour one. We are ready to leave we just have to make it happen, hope it won’t be too long.

Minecraft also seems to bring out the best and worst in people too; more issues to resolve on the multi-player server. Griefing, buildings destroyed or protected by others so their owners can’t build on their own stuff, name calling. It’s like a pattern of a couple of days really great play and then a day of problems caused by the same people. Time to get us our own server I feel where we can ask friends to join by invitation only. Shame because it was good while it lasted and many of the parents have been really helpful and the guy who set it all up has put so much time into it.

Time for a civilized glass of red.

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