The Day Before The Next Phase

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Today, the day before the next phase really begins. A phase which will see me flying solo again for much of the time whilst Twin Dad dedicates much more time to work. It’s necessary and the time is now and the time is right.

Much organisation this end in anticipation of managing the next few days has meant it’s been a pretty low key day. Often the anticipation is worse than the actual event although I might say differently soon enough!

Even the Barbies are destined for a new life and have accordingly been dressed and groomed ready for sale with the intention of making way for yet more Monster High Dolls. Woody and Jessie both destined for new homes also. All signs that the children are moving on.
Conquer Maths sessions completed for both our eldest and CoolMaths4kids games for the youngest pair.

Twinbo 1 has finished yet another audio.

Twinbo 2 and I have been looking at Politics and what they call Citizenship in school. Naturally, he has been interested in the workings of society for a long while often expressing strong opinions despite being so young. I guess he’s decided he wants to understand more and develop his own views. 

A quick trip out to a park, one we have had our eye on for a while.

Playing Lions

Horrible Histories on the box. Comedy whilst learning. It’s all good.

9pm as I go to press with Twinbo 1 minecrafting and two little ones looking over her shoulder. It’s taken on a whole new level with the discovery of downloadable Monster High Skin!

Twinbo 2 feeding himself in the kitchen. The cafe not closed yet!

It’s time for some snuggling down together reading.

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