The Lost and Found World

Today was the final Animation Workshop for S and L and whilst they were there for the morning the rest of us went out for some fresh air and shopping filling in time before we could go and see their finished work.


So, the Animation Group. A group of young people ages 11 through about 17 from the Portsmouth Autistic Society have come together under the guidance of an Artist (Paul Gonella) and with the help of the Conan Doyle Collection HLF’s funded Sharing Sherlock Project and Artswork’s Strong Voices programme to learn about Animation and produce their very own short animated movie. S and L were both very fortunate to be part of that group.¬†

Through the various workshops they learned about museum exhibitions (although both S and L are very familiar to museums and we have seen the Conan Doyle exhibits several times with the City Museum on our doorstep), how to handle rare objects and got to look through the extensive collection on The Lost World including film stills from¬†the 1925 and 1960’s version of the film.

With the help of the artist, they were able to develop their animation using their own storyline, characters and sound track made at a local Studio. They called their animation, “The Lost and Found World”. It was really great and I’m so pleased they had the opportunity to learn about the process behind the making.

There is now an exhibition chosen by the group displayed as a museum case at a local centre here in Portsmouth.

Apart from having their own animation (which was very funny) on disk format to keep, they have produced a kind of scrap book full of their learning to be sent off for an Arts Award achievement.

Good job guys!

Tying in with the whole Dinosaur Theme, A and W purchased two dinosaur fossils for excavation and two new dinosaur toys to add to their collection so I think they were really pleased to attend the viewing of S’s and L’s animation today. I think we might pencil in the Natural History Museum in soon rather than later to keep the flow going. It’s on the list after all.


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