The Path Less travelled

“Mum, come and see what I’ve done. It really hurt my neck organising these”.


A (8) had rearranged all of her coat hangers into colour order and was clearly very pleased with herself for doing so. I could hardly comment on the whereabouts of the clothes that were now missing from her wardrobe as she was clearly so pleased with her new hanger order!


Suffice to say, later that evening, we spent the time to put the clothing back on the hangers in a colour coordinated fashion. The usual sorting out took place with exclamations from them about what’s ugly and what’s not. Ever the fashionistas!

A mixed bag of stuff to update the journey unique blog with this time around and in no particular order. We are definitely walking the path less travelled and sometimes it’s hard.

We have drawings from S (13)

DSC_1897 DSC_1898

As part of our interest led approach to education, we have been to Hyper Japan at the O2 for the benefit of S who as per the drawings above has an interest in anime, manga, cosplay and what’s known as J Culture. The event was a bit of a disappointment really and very heavily aimed on consumerism but seeing the cos-players dressed up was an eye opener and just visiting the O2 was good as we’ve never been before.

DSC_1934 hyper


The Nintendo area was enough to blow your eardrums and I think we all came out of there with headaches. Splatoon was a fun game and despite having never played before or used that particular console our team won!

DSC_1928 DSC_1929

We ate/tried iced green tea latte, octopus dough balls, onigiri and some awful crushed ice stuff which was no more Japanese than I! Still, all part of the fun.

DSC_1918 DSC_1920 DSC_1924

One of the nicest parts were soaking our toes in the floor pools outside of the arena. Other members of the public soon joined in.


Since returning from Hyper Japan, A and W have found renewed inspiration for Manga. They came home asked S if they could borrow one of her Manga instructional Drawing books and have begun to draw. They’ve also been seeking out cute drawing tutorials.

All three girls have been itching to go to Tofu Cute (which just so happens to be here in Portsmouth) so we’ve been down to the store to purchase some Alpaca soft toys with pocket money given to them by Grandad M. The store was in the process of unpacking from their time at Hyper Japan and we were able to chat with the owner about the event.

In total contrast to the buzz of the City, we’ve been fruit picking with friends. Alas no strawberries but an abundance of Raspberries.



There’s been Laser Quest action with home ed group for S and L meanwhile A and W tackled the wall at Action Stations. It’s been a while since the last climb and they can scamper up pretty quickly and can nearly reach the top on all sides.

DSC_1899Other physical activities for them on a daily basis include tree climbing, bike riding and sea swimming. Summer evenings suit the girls very well and they’re often out adventuring with Twin Dad til around 9pm.

S has been singing in a street performance with her theatre school at the local Daisy Chain Festival here in Southsea. So proud of her for getting out there and doing this stuff. It makes her really happy.


There’s also been a home ed adventure playground meet up for everyone and a Dungeon and Dragons session for S and L here at home (4 hours this time). They’re both really into it. What’s great is to see the age range of the group age 8 through 40 something all engaged and contributing to this game. I stay out of it but can hear the animated chat coming from the decisions being made.

The new series of Dragon’s Den is out and we have been enjoying that (well A, W, L and me). S isn’t that interested. In another blend of family members, I continue to read aloud to A, W and S from a Michael Murpurgo book about a boy and and elephant who have escaped a Tsunami. We are jungle living….L is not interested.

Study wise, I suppose you could say some structured study has entered the arena with L (13) and I undertaking a course on Future Learn about Richard III. It is clear that L knows much about the War of the Roses and this period of history already and I am enjoying the time we are spending together doing this. Am strewing website links to his email to help feed the interest. In fact, communication with my Teens is happening more and more frequently by email despite living in the same house!

A and W are still asking more how to spell questions and since they now know how to spell Kawaii, they can also spell Hawaii too!

Their interest in nature and animals continues and despite the warm weather we found ourselves looking up stuff on Polar Bears! Anyone interested in Polar Bears start here

Nowadays, It’s so hard for me to put education into separate boxes. I think it gets harder the longer you follow an un-schooling pathway. I consider their continued interests in one subject to be intense study with it just looking different as to how you might study in a school like lesson but it’s study nonetheless.

Despite still having much less time due to Earth Conscious, I continue to see learning happening all around, in everything that we do. The time that I need to dedicate to business is of course being taken from family time. Plus, Twin Dad works too so it is an extra strain but we are of the view that there are many routes to take in this life. This is our route right now and there is learning for everyone in every situation we find ourselves in. I think this demonstrates to our children that there are more ways than one to live a life and will hopefully keep them creatively thinking outside of the cube. As we push our own comfort zones, hopefully we are helping them to push theirs too.  Have also been considering the importance of adaptation and flexibility in life and even the most rigid of us learn to cope with the need to be adaptable and flexible. We’ve seen it happen time and time again here.

Twin Dad has been present more for the past couple of weeks which has helped as he shows and teaches the children so much through conversation or pointing things out as they crop up naturally through living. Sometimes I think how he would be the perfect full time home educator but then I realise it’s a combination of all things. A variety of people, places, and experiences keeps things rich with opportunities and again despite being strapped for time and a little concerned by that, I’m glad we have the ability to walk the path less travelled.


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  1. katie

    I love those rainbow coat hangers. In so many ways they (and the resultant mess I can visualise) epitomise my life. Bursts of beauty in and amongst it all!

    Always enjoy your updates

    1. Angela Post author

      Katie, that’s it exactly it! All of the different parts being moments that make up the whole picture. It is often a messy picture x

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