The Show Must Go On

The Easter Four Day break has whizzed by in a flash. There is much to say, too much to blog.

The main event: S (13) had her first big stage performance on Easter Monday at Sadlers Wells London. Together with her theatre school here in Southsea, they put on two separate performances and both were fantastic but one of them was certainly epic! They took part in the Mardi Gras *Stars in Their Eyes* event which gives children the opportunity to perform on a proper London Stage, this time Sadler’s Wells. It really was a great opportunity and memories to last a life time. There were 8 of us from our family in the audience and we ALL enjoyed the evening.

Most of the entrants were dance troups with obvious dance focus whereas S’s theatre school is very much musical theatre based and has a mix up of drama, dancing and singing and the results are very artistic, imaginative, creative and dramatic! All of the children performing should feel enormously proud of their achievements.

I should add that S was unwell. Waking up on the morning of the big day with a sore throat indicating illness on it’s way couldn’t have been worse luck for S. I delivered her fully loaded with food for the day at 0945 wishing her heaps of luck and fun and pushed all the motherly emotions of worry and pride down as far as I could. I had no idea that she had in fact struggled through the day until after the show at around 1030pm when her Teachers told me but with the help of friends and the care of theatre school she had got through it nonetheless. I knocked on the window of the coach to see if she wanted to travel home with us but she chose to stay (it is obvious how much she enjoys being with her theatre friends) but upon collecting her back on Southsea in the early hours, she had slept the whole way home and looked utterly exhausted. She got into bed around 2am with tinges of green stage make up left on and managed to talk briefly about her day still positively and thrilled to be part of it. In bed with a temperature and rest she must stay today but we hope to hear more about the events later today. Unfortunately, photos prohibited.

Whilst S was going through the pre performance experience, Twin Dad and I took our other 3 children to the Museum of London. Last minute plan to make the most of the London day and it tied in nicely given we’d watched this the day before. The Museum has a really great collection and well worth a visit. London before London (stone age/bronze age), Roman London, Medieval London, Great Fire of London & Plague, Victorian London, Modern London including the Cauldron exhibition and WW1 & 2 exhibits.

DSC_1616 (1) DSC_1614


DSC_1630 DSC_1623 DSC_1635

DSC_1638 DSC_1626 DSC_1622 DSC_1639 DSC_1621

I worked in the building next door for 4 years way back when so it was a trip down memory lane in some ways. In all that time I never went to the museum which seems ridiculous to me now and to be honest at age 19-23, I didn’t really consciously appreciate the setting of London Wall. I do remember going on a school trip but the only thing I can remember about that was walking through Barbican – funny what sticks.


Parts of the London Wall beneath the modern at the time office building


Making connections reference brutalist architecture from our Portsmouth City Museum exhibition visit


More Roman London Wall with more modern in the background

Closer to home we took in our first car boot of the year and picked up some Dr Who books for L. We saw quite a lot of Motorbikes at a local show as we walked home.


A and W have customised some denim. L has taken his computer back. We’ve taken a few sea front walks. Of course there has been chocolate and naturally lots of drawing!



DSC_1601 DSC_1603 DSC_1602

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