The Spinnaker Tower

Eight o’clock last night the girl’s asked for a Den to be built. Twin Dad obliged. Rope, blankets, pegs and hey presto a Monster High Club springs to life. Although it seems like a life time ago since we left the school system it’s easy to consider how Den building at 8pm wouldn’t have dared be on the menu for fear of the getting up in the morning to be on time to the classroom door. At the same age as A and W are now (6) and at a similar time of night, S and L would have just finished reading scheme practice or spellings as homework despite having already spent a huge chunk of their waking hours in school.

Another late night all round with a range of viewing including Avengers Assemble for S and L, Iron Man 3 for me, What Does The Fox Say videos for A, Monster High for W and Twin Dad with TED Talks, none of us where on the move very early. It’s still far too dark to want to leap out of bed in the morning.¬†

By 11.30 we were miraculously in the car and heading for Gun Wharf to finally make a trip to the top of The Spinnaker Tower. It’s one of the few *attractions* left here in Portsmouth that we haven’t taken advantage of since living here the past year. We aim to leave the Island this year and felt that we should at least tick this off the list before we go. Job done and well worth it although a little costly even with the residence discount.

Concerns over the weather were wiped away as we quickly realised that the experience in windy blustery weather was probably far more educational and eventful than just the benefit of blue skies. Although, we were fortunate to have a change in the weather whilst up there and enjoy blue skies too! The wind gave us the swaying motion of the Tower similar to being on a boat. The rain and cloud made for an interesting skyline and the overall winter weather helped the visual of the sea bashing against the coastline down below. Portsmouth is a natural harbour and the view from all the way up there really showed how engulfed by water we really are. Identifying familiar buildings, spotting some of the historical sights such as Warrior and Victory all part of the fun.

20140103_122222 20140103_121617 20140103_121336 20140103_125310 20140103_125303 Chocolate Cake Eating in the Clouds

20140103_123525 20140103_133917 The Air walk was possibly the most thrilling for S, A and W.

20140103_131257 20140103_125710 20140103_122654 20140103_122627 20140103_121257 20140103_125359

In Reading/Literacy News:  First News arrived this morning plus L has the World of Warcraft Manual on the go and S the Minecraft Annual. A and W read *Dig, Dig, Dig* (a Phonics style book) to me but they much prefer to write and spell names of Monster High Dolls.

2 thoughts on “The Spinnaker Tower

  1. Katie Pybus

    Sapphire enjoys her First News. Considering how popular it is with home edders I find it pretty school oriented but that is just me!

    Haven’t looked at your blog on the big screen for a while. All those tabs!

    1. Angela Post author

      Tabtastic! I’m just collating and organising very slowly. Still moving and keeping some of the stuff from the old blog.

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