The Summer of 2016

Five months have slipped by without a single update on the Journey Unique blog. Did we escape the pressure of early September and it’s not back to school uniform posts? Well yes, I think we did.

The past 6 months have been spent in The Fenlands with Grandad David. A fairly reclusive pattern derived from Twin Dad being away all week every week and us saving the time and funds for family adventures for the weekends. Plus we’ve given some time to a nasty virus at the end of Spring followed by a double helping of Chicken Pox.

There is much on offer from the wider home education here but we haven’t embraced it all. That may sound insular to some but to us it’s just a chapter of a much bigger story.

We’ve really benefited from Grandad’s big garden and installed a trampoline quickly and enjoyed a pool during the really hot weather. The most favourtie of things for our youngest pair is the front part of the garden which is perfect for racing – horse racing and dressage shows mostly.

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There has been huge amounts of time spent in the digital world whether that be for gaming, socialising, learning and for me Earth Conscious working. Summer Adventures have taken us to many places. Here’s a snapshot.

A camping trip to Napton a base from which we could explore Warwick Castle to witness the mighty Trebuchet. Actually one of the highlights there was the bird of prey show. It’s a great place to visit.

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Another camping trip took us to Graffham, West Sussex to meet up with my Earth Conscious business partner and friend for a meeting/social camp. It was a lovely trip and a magical forest site providing heaps of freedom for the younger children to be wild but let’s just say the rain and illness did finish us off!


We also camped in Angmering West Sussex with the purpose of house hunting but it wasn’t successful and not the most enjoyable of camps.

13619965_10154511713357240_106650402652838348_nTwin Dad and I also had child free camping mission to house hunt based on The Witterings, West Sussex but ultimately proved unsuccessful. The children chose not to accompany us because of the long journey and the lack of fun that a house hunt camp provides. Extra grandparents were drafted in to take care of them.


All of us have had to be incredibly patience and resilient during times of frustration. There is a lot to be said for the lessons one learn that don’t come packaged in a subject box.

Earth Conscious went to the Love Natural Love You show at Olympia London which took myself out of the family loop for four days – a first. It wasn’t easy for certain family members suffering from separation anxiety but we got through it.

We’ve had some great day trips and have been surrounded by beautiful animals and incredible nature. In no particular order:-

Feeding the Deer and the Sheep at Snettisham Park was special.




Belton House gave us a brilliant playground.

belton belton1

We’ve visited Horse Sanctuaries because A and W just love horses at the moment. Bransby Home of Rest for Horses was a sanctuary I supported as a little girl. All of the years later and we actually get to visit.



Northcote Heavy Horses Centre

horses horses1

Woolsthorpe Manor – Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthplace where we pondered gravity and other forces in the science centre.



We’ve taken in a few museums at Cambridge too. The most recent one being the Museum of Archaelogy and Anthropology. Could have spent longer here and would be a great place to dip in and dip out of. Fascinating things to look at.

museum museum1 museum2

Punting in Cambridge was a lot of fun.

punting punting1 punting2 punting3

Kentwell Hall, now that was a great place to go for some living history. They run events for home educators throughout the year. Definitely worth a visit.

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We learned where the phrases “bollocking” and “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” came from.


Tattershall Castle and the journey home in a storm of rain we are unlikely to forget!

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There were trips to Holkham Beach


The Green Britain Centre with it’s Electric Cars and Massive Wind Turbine.

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Hougton Mill, Peckover House, The Fitzwilliam Museum and others that no doubt I can’t even recall and I’ve now lost the patience to seek out photos to add to this blog record. I’m going to finish with our most recent trip to Rutland Waters and the Village of Manton.

rutland rutland1 rutland2


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