Three Museums and a Festival

Saturday, pretty standard with Theatre and Singing for S keeping the rest of us close to home until she finishes. Then off to a friends house for some sunny garden action with pool, trampoline, swing, a collection of playmobil toys better than any toy shop and a BBQ. Oh and a slow worm.


Sunday, exhausting London trip but very exciting. Three museums covered by different combinations of family members in one day.

Destination Victoria station to meet Uncle S and Auntie K who had kindly offered to take S and L off for the day leaving Twin Dad, myself and our smallest batch to explore the Natural History Museum Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are very much on the agenda here for A and W and even more so since our IOW fossil hunt. Project based, interest led learning. They can’t remember their first visit to NHM (too young) but they haven’t stopped talking about this one.


The NHM was really busy but we got to explore the parts that we wanted to focus on namely the dinosaurs. We did throw in the investigation centre but overall a couple of hours was plenty before we escaped back into the sunshine for ice-cream.

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Next stop Hamley’s in search of Playmobil Dinosaurs where we identified the sets we wanted and then promptly ordered from Amazon at a considerably lower price without the need to drag them back on the train. Sorry Hamley’s but your prices really were much higher.

Meanwhile Uncle S and L were exploring the British Museum. Luxurious time for L who was able to indulge in taking his time this time around, reading everything without the distraction of younger siblings who do not have the interest or capacity for the longer trips that L so enjoys.

Our last trip to the BM was here.

Then on to Forbidden Planet where they decided there is simply too much choice to focus but still came away with a few Pokemon books. L’s interest in Pokemon is now in it’s seventh year. Right now it’s videos on Pokemon website and the comic books. I used to be cards and DS games. L tells me they had the best Italian ice-cream in town as a treat before heading off to meet Auntie K and S who had been on an adventure of there own.

The *girls* had been to the Fashion and Textile museum, again an extension of current project based interest led learning. Current exhibition, Made in Mexico. Auntie K and S both agreed it was a fabulous place to go, full of vibrant colours and inspiration and they pretty much had the place to themselves. Excellent stuff.


IMG_4757 IMG_4756 IMG_4755

S tells me a mammoth sized walk along South Bank deserved a Frappachino style drink before meeting Uncle S and L at the Tanabata Festival, a Japanese festival where they got to try on Kimono’s and write their names in Japanese characters amongst other stuff.




Their day finished with some food in a Mexican restaurant which they weren’t too happy with and then some street food in the shape or organic sausages in buns.

Victoria Station to re-group and say our thank you’s and goodbyes.

S fell asleep on the train happy but thoroughly exhausted after recounting her adventures. L was totally illuminated and thrilled by his trip (this is massive progress!) but tired nonetheless and our youngest pair still had energy to wriggle, swap seats continuously, climb and move around on the train as soon as there was space to do so – some things never change!

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