Courier collections, deliveries, meal planning, meal making, trip to post office, reading eggs, Minecrafting, Monster High DVD, washing blah blah blah and a meeting at a music recording studio all fitted in and around a trip to our local Portsmouth City Museum to see the new exhibition about the Tricorn alongside some home ed friends.


The Tricorn was one of those concrete, blocky, bulky built shopping centres in the 1960s and was finally demolished in 2004 (so L tells me). It falls beneath the heading of Brutalist Architecture. I never knew Portsmouth when the Tricorn was here but our friend has memories from that time. Twin Dad has also been able to tell us more.


Upon our return, I was able to find some images of other Brutalist style buildings in the UK to share with those interested. Half of my own childhood was spent living in London in a place that certainly looks like Brutalist Architecture. Also, a nearby market town had it’s own concrete style shopping centre with car park. We read that the best known early Brutalist architecture is the work of the Swiss architect Le Corbusier and we came home and identified him in one our books.

I wonder if there will be any Brutalist inspired building in Minecraft appearing any time soon? It is *blocky* after all.

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