Twelfth Night Feste

Today we are in PJ’s and onesies as A and W have colds and S is resting from a very hectic theatre school week with four shows at the end of it. Our shining star is currently sat in front of the tv whilst drawing. L is watching videos of Magic The Gathering to improve his knowledge and game play. This is his new interest.

S (12) shined very brightly in her latest role as Feste the fool in the Shakespeare play, Twelfth Night. She had some chunky speaking parts with some rather large words and a couple of solo songs and even a little dance not to mention a bunch of foolish funsters to keep in check! The whole cast and crew did amazingly well and having seen three different productions now over the past couple of years, we can see clearly how the members are developing.

The show was colourful and really funny and even made us want to shed a tear at the end due to the story line.

She absolutely loves being part of her theatre school and manages the pressure well. Mind you she is lucky she doesn’t have homework to contend with on top of the regular schooling that many of her friends have to deal with too. She says her head would explode if she had that to do as well.

We’ve had grandparents visit to watch S in her show and I know I speak for them when I say how proud we are of her.

I managed to help out with costumes and in the dressing rooms for one of the shows which was both fun and insightful. Twin Dad helped with dismantling and transporting the set again and I can’t tell you enough how much work goes into these shows and it takes real dedication and passion from the teachers and the pupils to pull it off time and time again.

The kids are a cool bunch and seem to pull together really well. They know what they’re doing, most of the time and I can see why some of them who are now 15, 16, 17 years of age have been there since they were just 4 or 5.

For us, it kind of presents somewhat of a problem that we didn’t anticipate. Given that as home educators we are not tied to any one location due to the need to be near a particular school, we now find ourselves considering location around S and her desire to be at this particular theatre school which is currently a two minute walk away!

Other stuff this week has included football and fitness, a beach trip with friends, another friend over to show us the virtual reality that is Oculus Rift, sunshiny warm days that are just wonderful given it’s end of October, a trip to HMS Victory and the Mary Rose museum with Grandad D and plenty of chocolates from trick or treating.

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