Twin Batch One Turn Twelve

Twin batch one turned 12. 12 on the 12th of the 2nd month. Lots of 2’s. Where does the time go? This time next year we will be parents of teenagers.

Wow what a day weather wise. Definitely the worst weather on their birthday I can recall. Suffolk snow didn’t even stop us getting out in the garden lighting fires and having fun with friends. This year a total wash out for any ideas we had for outdoor visits and our maybe plans plans were swiftly dismissed.

This year we wrapped presents in free material from the materials bank as a last minute idea gained from friends over a cup of tea on Tuesday when I was supposed to be wrapping paper shopping. It was a totally last minute attempt and a bit shabby with only the choice of materials in the bag but S and L loved the idea particularly S as she likes anything that is not wasteful or counts towards planet saving. Have decided to stick with material wrapping for future presents for everyone.


DSCN1070 DSCN1071 DSCN1074

After presents and cards, pancakes for breakfast and phone calls we headed on out for S to get her ears pierced. She had written on her 2014 list that she would like to get them done so a good plan given the weather. Quick and a pain level score of 4/10, she’s now sporting tiny blue studs on a white gold background. Very pretty. The girl in the shop asked if we had left school early today. When she discovered we were home educators she simply said “Great so you get to do fun things on your birthday!”. Fact is we get to spend the whole day together. Time you can’t get it back.

Absolutely drenched simply walking from Claire’s Accessories to the car we returned home to change clothes, warm up before heading back out for some food. We rarely eat out in a restaurant as a family due to costs but every now and then it’s a treat. L had requested a restaurant trip on the back of watching The Restaurant Man and the episode of a Burger Restaurant (not a fast food place) so we opted for Frankie & Benny’s. It did the job. Burger’s and Wraps, Ice Cream Sundaes and Fruit Cocktails. Everyone happy.


This year, boy and girl winter twin birthdays seem to be taking longer than a day to celebrate whilst we juggle two different interests and requests and keep everyone happy. In many ways, A and W were far more excited by a birthday than S and L and by the end of the day behaviour was reflecting that. They have been counting down to the Lego Movie and Sleepover we have arranged on Friday.

Finally when the batch two dropped off by 930pm I snuggled down with S and L to watch Men in Black 3 while Twin Dad got ready for an early start the next day. I was nodding before they were.

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