Twin Mum Minecrafting

Until now, I’ve only watched over shoulders with amazement at my children building in Minecraft. Sure I’ve tried placing a few blocks when the girls (6) play on their Tablets but very clumsily and have soon returned the gadgets to my master builders. S and L (12) play on Multiplayer using PC and MAC and in a different way to our 6 year old’s. My role to date has been to help facilitate the use of the game by signing up a few year’s ago, finding other servers, purchasing our own and ensuring they have the hardware to play without frustration. The rest has been down to the children. Completely self taught, interest-led.

Today, however, I received proper instruction and initiation into the world of Minecraft. Yes! L taught me how to build. I am very excited and proud to report that I created my very own purple walled turquoise blue water swimming pool complete with torches. I had to knock a few trees down and a cow out of the way to get said swimming pool but there you go. Next time I will be far more considerate! L said it was pretty impressive given it was my first real attempt. S gave me 6 out 10 and A and W just smiled. It feels clumsy at first but actually I think I might have to start building some more.

In other non-minecrafting news there has been a doctor’s appointment for L who is definitely on the mend, thankfully. The doctor asked how long he’d had off school. I explained that he hadn’t had any time off as we home educate but he decided that L had had two weeks off from doing any work in our home school and wrote up his notes accordingly despite my telling him that *having two weeks off work* was a questionable statement. We didn’t debate further and I didn’t bother explaining that we don’t *do work* nor do we *home school* but living and learning was still taking place regardless. I suspect he just wanted to cut the crap, save his time and fill something in – I actually like this doctor we have but…….

Fact is, even despite the illness, and the fact that we are home bound, learning still takes place. What about the fact that we are still living? What about all the conversations that take place through living? The reading of books, magazines, comics? The documentaries and TV shows we watch? The technology used and games being played? The drawing and artwork? The observations and involvement of work and life at home? The Minecrafting? Unless it looks like school I guess some folk just can’t get their heads around the fact that learning happens all of the time in many different ways and it’s all valuable.

I’ll leave it there.

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