Twins Turn 10

So, yesterday my eldest twins hit double figures.  We were faced with a very low key birthday celebration here in the Fens due to below zero temperatures and snow still on the ground plus the added bonus of coughs and dripping noses and grumpy 4 year olds – nice NOT!

Anyway, despite that Twinbos 1 and 2 managed to have a happy day. Twinbo 1 was delighted with her new digital camera and Twinbo 2 was completely satisfied with the Nintendo 3DS meaning his other two Nintendo’s  can now be passed on to his sisters.  They received some lovely cards and gifts and of course we had a huge chocolate birthday cake.
We managed a trip out for Pizza which everyone demolished and enjoyed and I believe we even managed to taste it despite the taste buds being tainted by the cold virus. Even the girls were content to sit for a meal and it all went rather successfully.
We toyed with the Cinema but decided there was nothing we fancied except for Star Wars in 3D but the only showing was around 8pm so that was a No No.  Instead, we came home, ate cake and snuggled down in the big kingsize bed and watched Zookeeper streamed via Love Film.  Amusing film, the children found it very funny.
All I can say, is how very proud I am of my children. Despite not having the most exciting or eventful birthdays they were happy and content and appreciative. Trust me had circumstances been different I would have thrown a D.I.S.C.O for them – maybe next year…or maybe just later on in the year even.

Today, I think everyone has been feeling worse than yesterday and our normally pale complexions are looking even more translucent. For that reason it’s been a fairly slow one with most of us remaining in PJ’s.

Amidst the nose blowing, thank you notes have been written, books have been enjoyed, Conquer Maths has been conquered, meal planning for the week has commenced early, Roblox building has stepped up a level, Nintendo 3DS discovery is a temporary distraction from Roblox, Toe by Toe has been resumed, browsing some new Anthony Browne books discovered in the library has been enjoyed, drawing on our cardboard house to make it “spooky” has happened, Monster High games on the computer have been exciting and various other bits and bobs I haven’t even thought of.  I’m just looking forward to bed time zzzzzzzzzzzz

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