National Trust Home Educator’s membership renewed today for the second year running and today my friend and I were saying how we have never been to a disappointing National Trust Property; they are all fabulous in some way.
Embracing our ability to be out and about we made our first visit to Uppark. Beautiful wide open countryside views. Our friends over at The Gallivanters met us there which added to the loveliness of the day. 

A game of chess kicked off our visit although I’ve managed to snap a photo without one of the players duh!
Things we learned and remembered today:
S (who doesn’t like being called Twinbo 1) says the meadow was totally cool and discovered a flower called “Yellow Rattle” which when it comes to seed it rattles. One of the National Trust gardeners kindly taught her that. The Chinese furniture was very fashionable in that era and that’s why there was so much of it. Another National Trust member of staff took the time to explain this and other snippets of information about a rather wonderful piece of furniture that took our fancy. I probably should say here how mostly we find the staff at the National Trust staff to be helpful, knowledgeable and welcoming to our children; it’s all good.
Twinbo 2 informs me that the house burned down in 1989 but was rebuilt. It had a lot of Chinese furniture, ornaments and china. HG Wells father was the gardener there and his mother the housekeeper. 
Twinbo 3 says I enjoyed running around in the meadow maze and also stung myself but it didn’t really hurt.
Twinbo 4 says I liked playing in the meadow and I liked playing with the dolls house. I liked the Willow pattern plates; my grandad has plates just like them.
We also learned that a large wooden storage box kept in the kitchen was for keeping the bread during the rising process oh and another lady pointed out a hearing aid in the housekeepers room that really looks nothing like the hearing aids of today! 

There is a really large dolls house at Uppark which was a collection piece for the house but at probably my own 5ft 8 height very impractical for playing with and probably unlikely it ever really was enjoyed. Fortunately, Uppark have a playable Georgian style house for children to enjoy and definitely the girls were more interested in doing so than admiring the collection piece! See below.
All in all a good day, I suspect we will return to explore further. 

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