Volcanoes Part I

On with the project phase in the shape of Volcanoes.
First up, of course, create your own volcanic eruption. We have tried this before with a shop bought kit. We were in Spain at the time and used the sandpit to contain the mess. Honestly, we weren’t that impressed and we weren’t that impressed this time with our homemade effort; possibly the ingredients need adjusting. Nonetheless, mess is always fun.
Hmmm. So if you haven’t guessed already its simply a plastic bottle half filled with water, few drops of food colouring, 2 or 3 teaspoons of baking powder and add vinegar for the reaction. The base around the bottle is salt dough. You can make your own or use play dough or Plasticine.
Out of the kitchen and on to the sofa for reading and resources using the web.
BBC Learning Zone Classroom Clips is always a good place to start. Just put the subject matter in the search bar and hey presto several volcano related video clips. Some of the other resources we used are below:-
From the sofa to the table for Art and more discussions. Twinbo’s 1 & 2 have actually been to a Volcano in Gran Canaria, they were just 4. I have been to Hawaii and Twin Dad has lived in Iceland for a while so we had our own experiences to add.
Twinbo 3’s issues with volcanoes. She preferred to paint a Jelly Bean Land but you can hardly blame her with the prospect of all those new paint colours.
Lego Volcanoes

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